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The Orange County School Superintendent has suggested that all public schools shut down for at least the next two weeks in order to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, and schools are now individually deciding whether or not they want to close campuses beginning next week. 

Because of the new information received today, OCCS will be moving our Easter Break that was originally scheduled for April to an earlier date.  Therefore, Easter Break will begin immediately and run from March 16-March 30.  Students will return on Tuesday, March 31st.  During this time, we will be continuing to monitor the situation to determine if this date needs to be delayed.  If the date when students should return is delayed, we will have remote learning practices ready for all of our students to continue learning during this time.  Evening events taking place during this time will be postponed.  The office will be open on Monday, 3/16, as well. 

Based on the information we currently have, holiday daycare and preschool will remain open next week.  Measures will be taken to continue to address the situation - asking people to keep some space between them, keeping group sizes to a minimum, having students and staff wash their hands more frequently, doing extra cleaning in the rooms, and requiring those showing symptoms of illness to remain home - and we will notify families as soon as possible if this needs to be changed.  Due to the short notice of the calendar change, holiday day care supervision will be available for students in middle school, as well as the lower grades. 

We do want to remind everyone that this is not a time to panic or be overly fearful.  According to the OC Health Agency's website, the risk of infection in Orange County is still considered to be low.  Many people who have symptoms will not have COVI-19, but rather a cold or the flu.  The majority of people who have had the COVID-19 virus have experienced only mild symptoms and have already recovered, so we simply need to follow basic common sense health practices and keep our nation in prayer during this uncertain time.

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