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OCCS will be offering summer school classes for upper grade students who would like to recover credits toward graduation or to improve in a troublesome subject!  Our 2019 summer program will be offering classes in the areas listed on the attached flyer/registration form.

Summer school classes are designed to complete an entire semester’s credit in each session, and students may take up to three sessions per summer.  The summer program is rigorous and homework projects will be included, as an entire semester’s credit is earned during this brief time.  This is a great opportunity to work towards moving forward for any who might have fallen behind, so we hope students will take advantage of this program.  If students retake a class in which a grade of D or F was earned, the new grade will replace the previous grade, which increases GPA scores, as well!

Please review the attached flyer/registration form and contact our office for with any questions.

Summer School Flyer / Registration Form