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BJU Online Bookstore 
School Code VP475EC5
BJU Portal Instructions (PDF)

We have partnered with BJU Press as our official provider of course materials. We have worked closely with BJU to source and stock the exact edition of books used in our classes.

Textbooks can be purchased directly through the BJU Press Parent Portal. The site will guide you to the books you need using ordering instructions provided. Books are shipped from BJU right to your door.  When creating your account, please use the school code for OCCS, VP475EC5.

Please note that there will still be book fees added to your FACTS account.  There are some books that we are not able to sell through BJU because the publishers will only deal with OCCS directly.  OCCS will purchase these books for you and the fees will be added to your FACTS account after school begins.

BJU Parent Portal Instructions (PDF)

How do I know what books to order?

Step 1: Check what books are required for your child in the online bookstore. If your child is in grades Kindergarten to 6th, simply look up your child’s books according to his grade level.  When creating your account, please use the school code for OCCS, VP475EC5.

Families with children in grades 7 to 12 can also look up books by grade level, but individual student schedules will be needed to determine which books will be required within that grade level. Schedules are being sent out very soon.

When you order books, please be sure that you choose the "Show recommended items" option (see image below).  If you do not, you will be given many more books to order than are needed and you might purchase more books than are required.

Again, if your student is in grades 7 through 12, do not order books until you receive your student schedule from our office.

Step 2: Order the books from our online bookstore or purchase used books from other families who have posted books they have available on the Book Swap site. If purchasing books from any source other than our online bookstore, be sure to order the correct edition as found in the online bookstore. Families who purchase books from each other will still need to visit the online bookstore to purchase remaining items that will not be available from other parents.  Consumable books (books that are written in) must be purchased new each year.  No used workbooks may be used.

Families may also post books they would like to sell on the Book Swap site.

Remember, parents that do not purchase books through our online bookstore are responsible for purchasing the correct bookPlease pay close attention to the book's edition number. Parents that purchase the wrong books will be responsible for purchasing the correct books.

A number of books have revised edition numbers this school year.  Parents who wish to obtain books outside of BJU will need to be sure they have the current edition being used (as listed in BJU) and that all fees are paid through BJU.  Also, used or partially used workbooks may not be used by students.  If you are purchasing books outside of BJU, you must still use your student schedule to view and pay the other fees that are required via BJU.

Book Order Deadline!

Remember, order your books as early as possible to avoid publisher delays and backorders!  Students must have all books purchased within 3 days of the start of school.